Star City Sips: Introducing a New Series

Hey there, Slickers!

If you’re like me, it’s Thursday, you’re already dreaming up fun ways to unwind after a long week.  Your work’s not quite finished yet, but you’re more than ready to raise a glass to the weekend.

My thoughts exactly.  Which is why I think you’ll like my new Thursday series, Star City Sips.

Don’t worry — I *won’t* be drinking a cocktail a day for 14 days straight.  Mixed drinks are a special indulgence for me, enjoyed one at a time, usually once per week … which is why I want that weekly sip to be extra-special fabulous.  *No* cloying saccharine syrups or sickly mixers allowed!

That’s why I’ll be writing a short post each Thursday pointing you in the direction of a fun Roanoke beverage that feels festive, handcrafted … and quintessentially local.  I’ll limit this series to just five weeks for now, in hopes that I can highlight some of the best-loved drinks in the valley … and also, perhaps a few newcomers. Either way, we’re talking cocktails that truly deserve the title “Star-City Signature.”

And bonus? Each post will come a recommendation from the same restaurant for a satisfying nonalcoholic treat, too. Because after all: alcohol doesn’t make the fun. You do. 😉

I’ll be starting next Thursday — a week away — focusing on a certain libation that’s perfectly suited for celebrating Summer’s last hurrah.  There might or might not be pineapple involved.  Locals, you probably already have a hunch. 😉

As I begin my quest, would you  point me in the right direction?  Leave a comment, or — if you know me in the big wide world outside the Web — grab me by the elbow and steer me over to your favorite fancy watering hole.

Cheers, friends! And Happy Almost-Friday!

–Ashley ❤