When Slickers Get Quiet …

Okay, so I admit it:  I’m one of those people who has a bad habit of disappearing.  I’m just sneaky and surreptitious like that. (*wink*)

You might have wondered what I’ve been up to, now that my challenge to eat 14 days of burgers is through — well, don’t worry.  I’ve still been doing plenty of eating.  There’s been kale:

And some really fancy-pants birthday dinners:


(Yes, that’s a whole-roasted fish smiling up at me, compliments of the good people at Fortunato, who really, *really* know how to throw a birthday party — even if you bring a crowd of 30 rowdy guests who want all manner of fab cocktails…)

When I wasn’t demolishing my own birthday cake, I even wolfed down a scratch-made biscuit or two:

(Okay, so it’s happened … I’m thoroughly on the bandwagon for Scratch Biscuit Co. here in Grandin Village, and I’ll post a review soon.)

But of course, there’s more to do than eat, and  when I wasn’t posing with fork and knife in hand, I was B&Bing with my love, as we celebrated 10 years as Old Married Folks this month:

August is a great time to be alive in the Roanoke Valley, and that means that we’ve been hiking, tubing, concert-going … and just plain living it up.  So I hope you’ll forgive me if I’ve been a little quiet lately.

That said… it’s about to get loud around here again. 😉

I’ve got another special project up my sleeve, but in the meantime, I’ll be back soon to give you the scoop on that perfect weekend-getaway, dish out some first impressions of one of Roanoke’s newest places to nosh for brunch, and share a lineup of fun things happening around the valley this month!

Until then, friends … go out and enjoy some fabulous sunshine … or just eat something! ❤