A Sharp Left Turn from the Usual… {Day 2 – the Maple Burger at Blue 5}

Every once in awhile, a girl just wants something … different.

And yesterday — Day 2 of my quest to find the best burger in the ‘Noke — was definitely one of those days.

I met a girlfriend for lunch at Blue 5, unsure of what to expect.  I’ve been to Blue 5 plenty of times, but I tend to see it primarily as a night spot for drinks and entertainment — it *is* a live music venue, after all, with lots of low blue-shaded lamps and twinkly Christmas lights around the stage.  On top of that, I admit:  I’ve never ordered anything there except for salads, seafood, and wine.

Yesterday, that was about to change.  A number of people had told me that Blue 5 made a burger worthy of a stop on the tour … So I decided to find out for myself.


First things first:  there are several hunky-sounding burgers on Blue 5’s lunch menu — a Blackened Burger with bleu cheese and shiitakes, a BBQ Burger piled high with pulled pork, and a Black Bean Burger that a vegetarian friend of mine is wild about.

Still — I was in the mood for something a little crazier than that.

That’d be the Maple Burger ($11).  The menu seduced me completely:  “This juicy burger is loaded with bacon, Fuji apple and grilled onions, topped with an apple cider mascarpone and served on a locally made bun.”


(I’m not sure where the maple is in there, but who am I to ask questions??)


I should say from the outset that I have a serious weak spot for dishes that meld sweet and savory flavors, and this burger is definitely fits that category.  The sandwich came oozing with sweet white mascarpone sauce, loaded down with crispy whorls of bacon — just the right amount of salty crunch on the rind — and spilling over with grill-kissed onions and thin slices of Fuji apple.  Salty?  Yes.  Sweet?  Yes.  Savory?  Yes.




Of course, there’s a downside to that kind of burger-euphoria.  Sitting across the table from my girlfriend Becca, who took ladylike nibbles of the pretty green salad I *usually* order, I let the burger juice run down my arms, took sloppy bites of sweet apple-y goodness, and generally just felt like a neanderthal.

Still.  I think it was worth it.

I took a few bites home, reheated it under the broiler yesterday evening, and tried again, just to be sure that my reaction was more than a passing fling.

Nope.  While there are better patties out there, this one is different.  And therefore special.  I don’t think this combination of flavors would suit everybody, but it certainly suited me.

Stop in and try for yourself — it might not *quite* be the Holy Grail of Hamburgers, but it’s very, very good.


I’m off to get today’s burger, at a top-secret location that has me salivating already … see you tomorrow!

–Ashley ❤